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JTGP Scholarship Opens Jan 15th

In 2014, The Justin Pepper Foundation started a scholarship program at Chapin High School. In the years since we have expanded the program to include all high schools in Lexington and Newberry counties. In 2019, the foundation presented eight $1000 scholarships to seniors at five area high schools.

The Justin Thomas Gustav Pepper Memorial Scholarship recognizes and rewards students who are making a difference in their community. Scholarship applications will be available through the guidance counselors office of qualifying high schools and on our website beginning January 15, 2020.

Scholarship applicants should read the directions carefully and forward the request for references as soon as possible. The applications need to be returned to the guidance counselors office no later than March 1st for review. Scholarships will be picked up on or shortly after March 15th.

Most questions regarding the scholarship application and the application process are answered on the FAQ sheet attached to the application. For additional questions, we encourage students to reach out to their guidance counselor before reaching out the foundation for assistance.

Scholarship winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 5th, during Midlands Gives, a local online fundraising event hosted each year by the Central Carolina Community Foundation. The announcements are initially made on The Justin Pepper Foundation's Facebook and Twitter pages. A news release is forwarded to several local media sources soon after.

Each year we are impressed by the caliber of volunteer and philanthropic deeds of our applicants. It is exciting to see how theses students give clarity to our motto......proof that you never too young to make a difference.

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