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JPF Board Members

The JPF  Board of Directors meet four times per year to discuss all matters pertaining to the operations of The Justin Pepper Foundation.  Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of January, April, August, and October, at 6:30 PM.  Although you are encouraged to attend meetings in person, you may dial in or video conference.  During these meetings, reports from the various committee chairs are discussed and determinations are made for future expectations.  (Reports are provided in advance for board members to review prior to the meeting to utilize our time efficiently.) There are board enlightenment/training presentations at each meeting which may, on occasion, encompass a guest speaker.  Planning for future activity and advancement is the highlight of our meetings.  Board meetings will generally last 60-90 minutes. 

Board Leadership means more than just showing up, knowing the difference between policy and procedure, and understanding financial statements.  It means participating not only as policy-maker, but also a volunteer, an ambassador, and a cheerleader for the organization whose interest you represent.  When you consider joining our board or ANY board, you need to feel strongly enough about the organization that you will support it financially and be proud to talk about it with your friends and colleagues.  Nonprofits need thoughtful guardians and critical friends—people who will look out for the best interest of the organization and the greater community. We seek board members who are able to ask challenging questions and to sometimes make hard decisions. It is important that our board members understand the responsibilities of governance and have the passion and commitment to engage.  

What we expect of you....We encourage board members to be constructive partners in achieving the organization’s mission and to be comfortable asking the tough questions needed to help our organization succeed.  Board members are required to sit on a least one committee (board or event) and we ask that you attend 75% of all board and committee meetings.  The recommended time allotment for board and committee work should be four to five hours per month, at a minimum, to benefit the work of the foundation.   In addition, we encourage our board members to open doors to new donors AND make a personal gift at their comfort level. 


What you should expect of us....It is the goal of The Justin Pepper Foundation to host board meetings where board members are engaged in the work, enlightened by the work we are doing, and ignited in the mission.  We strive for board members to leave our meetings with the passion to be good ambassadors for the organization.  We are committed to providing resources and training for board member development on a continuous basis. The foundation provides at least one training or development item at each board meeting and has access to an abundance of resources to make you a great board member for our board and any other board you may serve on in the future. The foundation also provides opportunities for our board members to participate in activities within our membership associations.  We are members of the Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce, MASCAVA (Midlands Affiliate of South Carolina Association for Volunteer Administration), the Nonprofit Leadership Lab, and Together SC (formerly SCANPO... South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations). 


Board Committees


Board members are required to sit on at least one board or event committee. 

The Justin Pepper Foundation has established the following Board Committees.  These committees are manned by our Board of Directors.  Each Committee provides a report prior to all board meetings which includes a view of the past and present situation, future expectations, and the resources needed to achieve success. (Event committee descriptions may be found on the Committee Member section of this website.)


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The Budget and Finance Committee's primary function is to provide financial oversight for the foundation. This includes budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of the internal controls and accountability policies.

They meet twice a year and prepare a comprehensive report once a year that is presented to the Board of Directors in their January board meeting. This report includes a Statement of Financial Position and a Statement of Activities.

The Treasurer serves on the Budget and Finance Committee and is additionally responsible for preparing interim reports for each and every board meeting, which includes a Statement of Cash Flow and a Statement of Functional Expenses. 

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The Programs and Fundraising Committee monitors the current events, programs, and projects of The Justin Pepper Foundation and determines their benefit to the organization. They also pursue and discuss future events, programs, and projects that could benefit the work of the foundation in the future. 

This committee also develops donor gratitude programs to express our thanks for the contributions we receive.  


Additionally, this committee reviews reports from all event committees and compiles a comprehensive report for the board of directors January board meeting.


The Board and Staff Development Committee is focused on the recruitment of board members and the recruitment and development of the board and staff.  They organize a training/development segment for each board meeting and scheduled guest speakers when warranted 

This committee is also responsible for the monitoring of volunteer policies and procedures for The Justin Pepper 5K.

A comprehensive year end report is provided by this committee for the January board of director's meeting.

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